Safety Repairs & Improvements

Recently, the lifeguard chair was repaired by a volunteer board member instead of buying a new one. A small shelf was added for the phone in the clubhouse for the lifeguard and the emergency 911 signs were updated with the clubhouse address.

To solve the problem of puddling (a slip hazard) at one of the pool ladders and badly cracked cement, a section was torn up, a drain installed, and new cement poured. The drain empties out into the grass several feet away.















The asphalt at the bridge behind Bates and Anderson was repaired.

Caution signs were erected at the path entrances across the neighborhood. The signs also indicate that the paths for for Abingdon Village residents only and that dogs must be leashed.

Additionally, the damaged pet waste station trash can at the clubhouse was replaced by the contractor who was responsible.


Apply for Pool Guest Passes Online

Homeowners can now apply for Pool Guest Passes online.  Please see our Pool Guest Passes page and complete the form in order to get passes for your guests.

All homeowners are able to receive ten (10) free guest passes for 2014. Additional passes are priced as follows:

  • AVHA Pool$2.00 per Single Day Pass
  • $12.00 for Seven (7) Single Day Passes
  • $35.00 for Thirty (30) Single Day Passes

You may view our pool hours and other pool related information on our Pool page.

Information About 2014 Pool Hours

There have been questions from homeowners about the 2014 Pool Hours.

As those homeowners that were at the 2013 Annual Meeting know, at that meeting there was significant homeowner concern over the 2014 proposed budget. The newly elected Board revised the budget based on those concerns and passed a budget at a fall Board meeting. A copy of that budget was mailed to all homeowners with the 2013 Winter Newsletter.

Before passing this budget, the Board discussed at length different ways to save money. As many of you know from the 2013 Annual Meeting, the Association is not in good financial shape. Prior to the current Board being elected, the Association was delinquent on its taxes for multiple years, the IRS was sending letters threatening to levy Association property for tax issues dating back several years, the Association’s reserve account was down to next to nothing (contrary to the requirements of Virginia law governing associations), there was no record of an annual audit (in violation of our Governing Documents), and Association property (like the paths) had fallen into disrepair with no plans for repair.

The Board went line-by-line through the budget looking for areas that could be cut, and the Board did not take lightly the issue of changing pool hours. The pool budget consisted of over one-third of the entire budget, and while cuts were made to other portions of the budget, it was necessary to also make cuts to the pool in order to meet our budgetary requirements and ensure that all Association property was maintained.

Prior to deciding on the new pool hours, we received quotes from multiple pool companies, looked at previous usage patterns, and discussed at multiple Board meetings the possible options with homeowners that use the pool. We hope that the new pool hours will both save the Association much needed resources, while at the same time causing the least disruption possible to the homeowners. We also do not anticipate this to be a permanent change and hope that we can increase the hours in future years, once we get our finances on a more firm foundation.

If you have any concerns or questions, we would encourage you to come to a future Board Meeting, or contact us, to discuss your concerns with the Board.

Spring 2014 Newsletter

You can view our Spring 2014 Newsletter here.  Here are the top articles from this newsletter:

  • President’s Corner – Updates on 2014 PUD Fees, Path Repairs, and Association Taxes,
  • 2014 Pool Hours and Guest Pass Procedure (for more information on the 2014 pool hours, please see here)
  • Information on the Upcoming Vote on the New Governing Documents
  • Update from the Business Manager

Please see our Newsletters Page to view previous newsletters.