Safety Repairs & Improvements

Recently, the lifeguard chair was repaired by a volunteer board member instead of buying a new one. A small shelf was added for the phone in the clubhouse for the lifeguard and the emergency 911 signs were updated with the clubhouse address.

To solve the problem of puddling (a slip hazard) at one of the pool ladders and badly cracked cement, a section was torn up, a drain installed, and new cement poured. The drain empties out into the grass several feet away.















The asphalt at the bridge behind Bates and Anderson was repaired.

Caution signs were erected at the path entrances across the neighborhood. The signs also indicate that the paths for for Abingdon Village residents only and that dogs must be leashed.

Additionally, the damaged pet waste station trash can at the clubhouse was replaced by the contractor who was responsible.


New Bridge by Bucknell Circle

The old bridge behind the middle of Bucknell Circle had two different kinds of rails, was missing several slats, and showed signs of decay.






A new bridge was recently built to replace it.












Additionally, the recent wind storms also took down a tree nearby, but thankfully, one of our neighbors saw it and cut it up for firewood, saving the Association the cost of having it done. We love volunteers!

New Heat Pump & Air Conditioner and New Pet Waste Station

We now have an efficient heat pump and air conditioner unit in the clubhouse. It’s quiet and will be a tremendous benefit for all of the social events, meetings, and private parties.









We recently learned that the city had a grant for pet waste stations. We applied and were given one which is now installed on the path behind Auburn and Bates. We hope to apply for additional stations when they become available.  Here is the grant information.

Community Cleanup Day, Hot Dog Roast, & Chili Cook-off Oct 15


Due to the weather, this event is moved to Sat, Oct. 15.  Join us for community cleanup in the morning. We’ll spruce up the common areas, throw out broken rails, debris, and power wash, etc.

Then bring your famous chili to the hot dog roast at the clubhouse. We’ll have a prize for the winner!


Grounds Cleanup

LJ’s Lawns, Lights, and Jobs has entered into contract with AVHA to do more extensive grounds work above and beyond the normal maintenance mowing and care. The neighborhood has been divided into four zones and you can view this map to see when the company will be near your home. The yellow zone will be Oct, the red zone is Nov, the blue Dec, and the purple Jan. The clubhouse overgrowth and pool beds are in Feb.

They will be focusing on doing more substantial work along the paths and common areas and some of the culverts, depending on permits and city projects. Everything you can do to clean up your bushes and trees along the paths and culverts will mean less cost to all of us. If you have concerns, please take them to the manager at

Continuing Improvements!

In the desire to make the recreation area more usable and welcoming to our residents, we have added some improvements, such as the diving board, baby swing, basketball board, volleyball net, and pet waste station.  Additionally the picnic tables are now in various places within the recreation area.

All this work has been done by some of your neighbors who have volunteered time and effort to make a difference. We are so thrilled to see more and more neighbors showing an interest in our community.

Diving Boardbasketball boardBabySwingVolleyball NetPet Waste Station

Safety features, repairs and improvements in our neighborhood!

New bridge behind Bates

New bridge behind Bates

Recently a second bridge was repaired, behind Bates and parallel to Amherst. The bridge between Adelphi and the barn was replaced a few months ago. These repairs are just in time for warm weather walks!

Several repairs have also been made to the clubhouse, and a new fence is currently being erected around the pool in anticipation of the upcoming pool season. Additionally playground equipment has been ordered.

We anticipate our residents will make much more use of the clubhouse area this season!