Scam Alert

Some people have received text messages saying they owe delinquent PUD fees and to pay them through the text. Please know (1) neither Abingdon Village nor the manager communicates late PUD fees via text, and  (2) a delinquent homeowner will receive letters in the US mail and by this time of year, would have already been turned over to the attorney for collections.  If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the manager at 757-333-7675.

Working towards a cleaner and safer neighborhood

If you take a look at the clubhouse area, you will notice that the baby swing has been repaired and that the huge tree stump is being removed this week, weather permitting.

baby swing repaired

Additionally, the City has placed rock at the culvert at the path behind Auburn and Bennington.

Rock at Auburn and Bennington

Volunteers Needed!

Neighbors can once again help with litter pickup this Saturday morning, 12/10 at 10 AM. litter2







Our Neighborhood Watch program is being reactivated.  We need concerned neighbors to step up and volunteer. Details to be provided this Sunday , 12/11 at 3 PM at the clubhouse. neighborhood-watch

Come join us!


Dominion Virginia Power Warns About New Scam

Dominion Virginia Power is warning customers about a scam where burglars represent themselves as utility workers in order to gain access to your house and steal from you. The following is from Dominion’s July 1, 2014 press release:

Dominion Virginia Power is warning its customers about a scam in which robbers gained access to homes by posing as utility workers. Several incidents of this type have been reported to police in the past few days in Northern Virginia.

“We want our customers to be safe and secure and completely confident whenever they interact with our employees,” said Dan Jenkins, director-Corporate Security, Safety and Health. “Think twice before allowing anyone you don’t know into your home – no matter who they say they work for. Unfortunately, scams, particularly involving the elderly, are becoming much more common and potentially dangerous.”

Dominion Virginia Power employees rarely need to enter a home to provide service. Independent energy contractors working on Dominion conservation programs such as Home Energy Check Up may contact customers directly to schedule an appointment. These contractors should carry and present proper identification and program materials when they arrive.

“If you feel threatened, call 9-1-1 immediately,” Jenkins said. “If any customer ever has a question about the authenticity of a person presenting themselves as working for Dominion Virginia Power or ‘the power company,’ keep your door locked and ask them to remain outside while you verify their identity.”

Dominion Virginia Power maintains an up-to-date list of all its employees, authorized contractors and independent contractors. The company can be reached at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) to verify the identity of anyone who says they work for the company.

In these and other cases, police say scam artists use various ruses to get money or gain access to the home, saying they want to check on a lights-out situation, lay power lines, conduct energy audits, fix or replace meters, or collect money for overdue power bills. Recently, there also have been several telephone-based scams by people identifying themselves as power company employees and demanding that the customer pay immediately in cash or by a “green-dot” card or their power would be disconnected.

Dominion Virginia Power does not ask customers by telephone or in person to pay immediately in cash or by green-dot cards that serve as cash. It may ask customers who are behind on their bills to go to an authorized Dominion Virginia Power payment center to pay their bill. Any customer with a question about such a call should contact the company at 1-866-DOM-HELP, (1-866-366-4357).

Please see here to read the entire press release.

Virginia Beach Police Warn of Summer Door-to-Door Alarm Salesmen

The Virginia Beach Police Department has released the following two publications warning of summer door-to-door alarm salesmen and the requirements for solicitors in Virginia Beach.  Va Beach PD Alarm Sales FlyerIn Abingdon Village we normally have a few of these salesmen come through our neighborhood every summer, and it is good to be informed about potential scams and other warning signs.