Scam Alert

Some people have received text messages saying they owe delinquent PUD fees and to pay them through the text. Please know (1) neither Abingdon Village nor the manager communicates late PUD fees via text, and  (2) a delinquent homeowner will receive letters in the US mail and by this time of year, would have already been turned over to the attorney for collections.  If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the manager at 757-333-7675.

2017 Dues

The annual assessment for 2017 is $376.99 and is now due, becoming late on March 1.  Payments may be made online by credit card or electronic check at Or a check can be written payable to Abingdon Village Homes Association and mailed to:

Community First Management
3061 Brickhouse Ct, Suite 109
Virginia Beach, VA  23452
(757) 333-7675

To AVHA Members: Regarding the 2017 Budget and PUD fees

Questions have been raised regarding the necessity and legality of raising the PUD fees and the budget for 2017.

To better understand the situation, please read the Minutes, attend board meetings and also the Coffee With A Board Member gatherings which the board has offered several times over the past year. Every decision the board has made affects each board member too. None of the board members enjoy any kind of perk or break from the PUD fees.

Additionally the board has sought the professional opinions of the attorney, the manager, and the accountant. The board has in its possession an attorney opinion letter dated in 2007 which stated that the board was well within its rights to set the PUD fees for 2008 at $523.09. Further consultation with our attorney agreed that setting the PUD fees at $475 for 2017 was reasonable and within legal rights.

There are many expenses required in operating the association which are further complicated by laws and regulations. Last year at this time, the association was owed $30,000 in unpaid PUD fees. Over the past year with the help of the manager and attorney, that figure has been reduced to less than $10,000. The manager sends out a letter every month to delinquent homeowners. This is postage, paper, and envelopes we all pay for.

The board has worked very hard to improve the community with multiplied unpaid hours of dealing with contractors, planning, meetings, repairs, physical labor, and also money out of our own pockets. There is still a lot of expensive work to be done that has been put off for far too long.

Additionally, our PUD fees have not kept up with rising costs. Lawn care is one of the many costs which has doubled and tripled over the past several years. We had a lot of complaints about the last lawn care company. We just hired a new company a few weeks ago (one of the ones the manager found for us) who has already done a better job. Even so, it was not cheap.

If you have better ideas, please come to a meeting and talk to the board.

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Pay Annual Dues with PayPal

Secured by PayPalYou may now pay your annual dues on a credit card through PayPal!  PayPal is a secure website that accepts all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  You may also pay with your PayPal account, however, a PayPal account is not required to pay with a credit card.

In order to pay your annual dues, please go to our Pay Dues page.  This page can be accesses via the main menu bar on our website, and also by clicking on the PayPal icon in the footer of our website.

PayPal is a leader in online secured payments.  They accept payments in 26 currencies from 203 countries.  They also handle the majority of payment on eBay’s auction site.  For more information on PayPal’s online security, please see here.