Board of Directors

Below is a list of our current Board of Directors and Officers. For more information on how our Board of Directors and Officers are elected, and their responsibilities, please see our Governing Documents.  If you would like to serve, please complete the AVHA Board Application.

Board of Directors:
  • Charisse Keys (Term Expires: 2018)
  • Donna Astern (Term Expires: 2017)
  • Johnnie Waters (Term Expires: 2019)
  • Jordan Patterson (Term Expires: 2019)
  • Robin Dickinson (Term Expires: 2017)
  • Sabrina Arehart (Term Expires: 2019)
  • Scott Astern (Term Expires: 2018)
  • Vicki Nuvill (Term Expires: 2017)
  • Vacancy (Term Expires: 2018)
  • President: Donna Astern
  • Vice President: Charisse Keys
  • Treasurer: Robin Dickinson
  • Secretary: Vicki Nuvill
  • Pool Director: Johnnie Waters
  • Maintenance Director: Scott Astern
  • Hospitality Director: Charisse Keys
  • Architectural Director: Sabrina Arehart
  • Social Chair: Donna Astern, Charisse Keys
Management Company: