Bridge Work

This week three of our bridges have been worked on. The first bridge was rebuilt and is located behind Amherst Circle.  A pot hole in the asphalt in front of it was patched as well.

Two missing pickets were replaced in the bridge behind Anderson.







And at the bridge behind Babson Way, the wobbly handrails and a warped board were replaced. Just in time for school!

Scam Alert

Some people have received text messages saying they owe delinquent PUD fees and to pay them through the text. Please know (1) neither Abingdon Village nor the manager communicates late PUD fees via text, and  (2) a delinquent homeowner will receive letters in the US mail and by this time of year, would have already been turned over to the attorney for collections.  If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the manager at 757-333-7675.

Safety Repairs & Improvements

Recently, the lifeguard chair was repaired by a volunteer board member instead of buying a new one. A small shelf was added for the phone in the clubhouse for the lifeguard and the emergency 911 signs were updated with the clubhouse address.

To solve the problem of puddling (a slip hazard) at one of the pool ladders and badly cracked cement, a section was torn up, a drain installed, and new cement poured. The drain empties out into the grass several feet away.















The asphalt at the bridge behind Bates and Anderson was repaired.

Caution signs were erected at the path entrances across the neighborhood. The signs also indicate that the paths for for Abingdon Village residents only and that dogs must be leashed.

Additionally, the damaged pet waste station trash can at the clubhouse was replaced by the contractor who was responsible.


Report problems to the City with SeeClickFix

The City of Virginia Beach is working with a phone app, SeeClickFix, which is designed to be used to report problems such as potholes, sidewalks, signs or traffic lights, abandoned grocery carts, overgrown vegetation, etc. You take a picture, write a brief description and it gets directed to the right department. A watch area for Abingdon Village has been created. Here are the details.

A huge thank you to helpful neighbors!

Yesterday and today, several neighbors helped with tree work.  Vicki procured the equipment for the HOA at a discount. Keith, Scott, Bryan, Dean, Miles, Andre, & Johnnie helped with chainsaws, ropes and making piles.  

There was a broken branch hanging in a pine tree at College Park by Bennington which was taken down and cut up.  The dangerous and dead trees in the clubhouse area were cut down.  Now there is cleanup to do.  If you can take tree debris to the dump or to take home firewood, please do so.  Thanks!

firewood 1firewood 2firewood 3firewood 4